Community Supported Agriculture

CSA  is a partnership that offers extra support to the growers

CSA strengthens the links between the grower and customer, connecting you to the land where your food is grown. You can support us by paying in advance. We can then plan, grow and develop more securely.

Receive a free introductory box of organic fruit & veg, then use your pre-paid vouchers to choose produce from the shop or stall, or to pay for the delivered veg. bags. Vouchers are available in units of £5 – you can buy as many, or few, as you like – it all helps.

The idea for Community Supported Agriculture began in the 1960’s in Germany, Switzerland and Japan in response to concerns about the industrialisation of post-war agriculture. Groups of concerned consumers got together to help fund ecologically sound, socially responsible agricultural systems. Since then these ideas have spread all over the world and eventually arrived here in Knighton with a CSA scheme that suits our local community.