Its the start of our 5th year at the Old Garage... 

A good time to find ways to improve the shop and the service we offer, also how to reduce our environmental impact.


Growing and selling organic food already has a positive influence 

but maybe there is more we can all do...together

Crowd funding

Our wholesaler Suma offers a dispenser unit costing £2,500.

We need to crowd fund to raise this amount and would like to ask locally, within our customer base.

With your help we can all benefit, making a positive contribution by cutting down on plastic waste.

If you feel able to contribute it will help us reach our target.

Please contact us or call in to the Old Garage Shop


Reducing plastic...
We already do re-fills of Washing-up liquid & laundry products, and use paper and bio-degradable bags, but now there is another option.
A hopper system means you can bring your own containers t0 fill, in the size of your choice. Grains, seeds, pulses, dried fruit & more can all be sold in this way, cutting down on single-use bags.

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