Corona Virus
We are happy to welcome new customers  to order a regular veg bag delivery or collection.
The shop is also open meanwhile, full of lovely fruit and veg.
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9 -4
Saturday 10 - 2


Last year we made several improvements to the shop and to the service we offer, in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Growing and selling organic food already has a positive influence, but reducing packaging is another thing that we are working on.

Reducing plastic...
We do re-fills of Washing-up liquid & laundry products, and use paper and bio-degradable bags, 
refill liquids2.jpg
refills 3.jpg
Our new hopper systems means you can bring your own containers t0 fill, in the size of your choice. Grains, seeds, pulses, dried fruit & more can all be sold in this way, cutting down on single-use bags.